Carnival Sunshine Cruise

Carnival Sunshine, formerly known as Carnival Destiny (24 November 1996 – 4 May 2013) was thoroughly refurnished and renamed in 2013. It is the front-runner of Destiny-class of voyage ships. The ship has 3 pools, a range of dining choices, nightclubs, lounges, a casino, duty-free shopping, spa and a movie scrcarnival_sunshine_cruise_waterpark_by_polin-1-800een.

Weighing a little over 100,000 tons, it is a veritable palace floating on water. With the complete overhaul of Carnival Destiny, this huge ship underwent not only cosmetic changes, but also the replacement of elevators, electrical stations, laundry machines and air-conditioning units. These replacements were aimed at not only the beautification of the ship and better services, but also improve fuel consumption and the transformation of Carnival fleet into a green fleet.

The new makeover is brilliant, in the sense that you can step out and feel the sunshine, or step in for some cool shade. With a guest capacity of 3,002, there is a carnival atmosphere prevailing aboard. The on board crew of 1,040 ensures that the guest have a lifetime experience on board the ship. With a length of 892 feet, it is 2.5 times longer than a football field.

While on board this ship, you can watch the excitement of watching fine sunrises and spectacular sunsets at sea. Eat, drink and be merry on the ship! That is the core idea behind the rebuilding of the ship. Besides, Carnival also ensures adults quiet places on the ship, if they wish to.

Carnival attracts couples in their 40s who want a peaceful and enriching experience in their lives. There is a dress code for the guests for days and evenings. Carnival also extends its patrons, the benefit of celebrating various events. The expenses for these events is added to your account as guest, and can be adjusted according to their convenience. So if you are looking out to celebrate your parent’s marriage anniversary, or a birthday or just want to spend some quality time with people who are close to youe, look no further. Carnival Sunshine is a one stop for all.