Celebrity Reflection Cruise

“We are all born in a little port but not all of us sail the vast oceans, the majority remains in the port” – Mehmet Murat Gildan.

There is nothing more enchanting than life at sea and to celebrate that dream, the Solstice-class cruise ship “Celebrcarnival-triumph-7cb184f207e878d0ity Reflection”, the fleet’s fifth and largest cruise ship, stands ready. Celebrity Reflection was launched in 2012 and since then it has been a part of Celebrity Cruises.

With an accommodation for 3,609 guests, it is an island on the move, sailing across the oceans. Weighing 126,000 tons, it is a mammoth ship, with ample room for everybody. In fact, Reflection boasts of 42 suites including three new classes as follows:

  • The Reflection suite: It is a highly creative suite with an amazing all glass shower
  • The Signature suite: Located in a private area only accessible by special pass cards, these have high ceiling rooms with a lot of ventilation.
  • Aqua Class Spa Suite: 34 new suites to pamper you, with priority access to exclusive “Blu” restaurant, if you love a spa life.

Art auctions, conferences, meeting rooms are just the tip of the iceberg here. A live tree on the ship is something unique which is not seen anywhere on any cruise ship. Such voyages are very popular with families, that’s exactly why couples in their 50s with their children comprise of the most number of the guests. In fact, the guest aboard this ship represent an international mix of guests.

There is a strict dress code for all the guests holidaying on the ship consisting of smart-casual attire as well as formal dress to suit various occasions and events that are part of the cruise. And on no account can the guests put on shorts in the evenings. It is advised that all guest take note of this.