Disney Dreams Cruise

Disney Dreams was launched in 2011 and it can board 2500 passengers at a time. It is considered as a ship well suited for family cruises. A lot of attention has been given to the decoration and designing of this ship. As the name suggests, it is themed for kids. Thus, the ship boasts of a lot of play areas with a kid theme, reserved especially for kids. Needless to say, there are areas reserved for parents too. There are bars, shows and much more for adults to enjoy.norwegian-cruise-line-norwegian-getaway-waves-pool-bar-gallery This ship runs around the year and starts from Port Canaveral.

The cabins in this ship are comfortable and are designed with families with kids in mind. There are three main restaurants on this ship and you can choose from among them to suite your particular palate. As to kids, there are the theme play areas set apart for them, along with Disney stage shows for their enjoyment. These shows are no less than actual movies and connected to them there are souvenir stores also. This ship houses 14 floors when it comes to decks. There are enough crew members on this ship to ensure that all needs and requirements of the guests are fully taken care of.

For the kids, Disney Dreams is no less than a dream come true. There is a water roller coaster on the ship which can give kids a taste of thunder. Imagine the happiness of your kids or grandchildren when they meet their favorite Disney characters and can be around these characters whenever they want to. In fact, Disney movies are not just for the kids, grown ups also can let go the kid inside you with amazing stage shows presented here on this ship.

Enjoy a vacation full of laughter, happiness, smiles and contentment. So get your cabin booked today aboard this fun ship.