Norwegian Getaway Cruise

If you are considering a getaway to Miami, you can as well go on a Miami inspired cruise called the Norwegian Getaway. Norwegian Getaway started their cruise operations in 2014. You do not have to plan your dates ahead according to the embarking dates of this cruise because it sails round the year. This cruise has worked on various themes like Cuban, Havana and Latin. If you are a foodie, then you can enjoy this cruise all the more because there are 27 restbud-light-hotel-new-york-rsvlts-026aurants in total on Norwegian Getaway. These restaurants are indoor as well as outdoor, so you can enjoy your food in your own setting.

In addition to this, Ocean Blue and Carlo’s Bakery is celebrity chef inspired so that you can get luxurious treatment in the best possible way. Norwegian Getaway is huge in terms of accommodation. It has got 2014 cabins spread into various categories. If you are a solo traveler then you don’t have to worry about the cost of a big room because, for people like you, Norwegian Getaway has no less than 59 solo cabins too. You can enjoy a solo vacation on this cruise whenever you want to or if you want to have your family with you, then you can have fun with with them too. There is something exciting for everyone on the deck.

There are many water slides and small pools for kids to enjoy their vacation. If you want some fun then you can access adults only deck or ice bar as well. The rooms are beautifully designed keeping all the basic things and luxury in mind. There is an amazing supper room known as The Tropicana which is based on a Havana theme of the 1940s. With Latin dancing, beautiful surroundings, and Cuban food, you will enjoy your vacation in the best way possible, if you book yourself a cabin on board the Norwegian Getaway.